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Monica is completely obsessed with all things entertainment. You can just call her a 'Netflix & Chill' girl. If she's not binging a new show, then she is catching up on all things CW, NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. She has been writing since she was 13 years old and watching television since she was in the womb. If you want to follow her to Tribeca or fly with her to San Diego Comic Con then follow her adventures on her twitter account. 

Twitter: @Monica1236
Instagram: @Monica1236


Shadia is a total nerd, lover of all things pop culture, and pizza is her life. She watches way too much TV for her own good. CW shows are her thing. She has a passion for writing about entertainment, and when she's not writing or trying to figure out her plans in life, you can find her on twitter talking about her faves, one tweet at a time.

Twitter: @lolitsshads
Instagram: @lolitsshads

Dani - @Dani_ToGo
*Bio coming soon.