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This is Us…Now Interviewing ‘Jermel Nakia’ - 02/23/17

February 28th, 2017


“Kyle” introduced us to actor Jermel Nakia, who plays young William. Nakia is such a good actor that for weeks fans thought that "young" William and "present" William (played by Ron Cephas Jones) were the same person. 

Nakia has acted in a couple of short films and movies before landing the role of "young" William on 'This is Us.' Nakia has the ability to act without even uttering a single word. One of the most memorable scenes that Nakia is in has become known as "the bus scene" where we see the happiness that is Shakespeare, falling in love, and the downfall of drugs. 

Nakia seamlessly plays William with such grace and talent that it makes us all want to learn more about William's past and see as much of him as possible. Nakia really shined in the latest episode and has proven his spot in the 'This is Us' family forever.

We had the chance to sit down with Jermel Nakia and discuss how he got the gig, what it was like meeting Ron Cephas Jones, and ultimately how he acted and prepared for the "Memphis" episode. 

Theme song by Sofie Zamchick, Photo Courtesy of NBC